Building Up
The Right Way

Anmol Constructions is on a mission to paint the ever-rising skyline of Hyderabad in luxury and quality. Each brick is a milestone that brings them closer to delivering this dream to those who aspire to better living.

About Us

Anmol Constructions has always been more than just a construction company. It’s an organisation that passionately crafts spaces that add value to everyday living. Known for creating thriving communities and building unbreakable bonds with every stakeholder, Anmol Constructions is a growing real estate force to be reckoned with in Hyderabad and beyond.
The organisation’s incredible success in such a short span of time stems from its commitment to building a better world. Right from conception to completion, their innovative and customer-centric approach is evident at each step of their building process in every project. With an ever-growing portfolio of high-quality spaces, Anmol Constructions is pioneering a new revolution of building a more thoughtful and better tomorrow for all.


To be Telangana’s most successful and sought-after real estate organization by delivering projects and customer service of the highest quality.


To set a new standard in the real estate industry that makes us the first choice for every property finder.

Our Values


Our transparency and honesty are at the core of all we do here at Anmol Constructions. From construction to sales, there’s clarity and consistency in everything.


Every thoughtful home we build is brought together with an understanding that it will be a family’s forever home. It is this very responsibility that drives us to deliver the best.


Adding value to your life requires us to understand the way you love to live. Every project at Anmol Constructions is an endeavor to enhance your life in myriad ways.


Our work speaks for itself! From experienced architects that shape your home to exceptional engineers that bring it to life, we work with the best to deliver the best.


It all comes together like clockwork due to the seamless coordination between every team in our organization. We deliver on time, every time due to their efforts.


Team Anmol

Sangareddypeta Prakash

Founder & Director
Sangareddypeta Prakash is an optimistic Real Estate developer who sees a lot of potential in the Real Estate sector and has been an active personality in this sector. Many projects will be launched in the coming years in the Patancheru-ORR region.

Sangareddypeta Dakshayini

Managing Co-partner
Ms. Dakshayani has been a critical part of Anmol Constructions’ success since its inception. Her expertise in financial and human resource management has helped the organization transform into an efficient, process-oriented and motivated one. As a leader, her organizational skills, strategic mindset, crisis management, business planning and process development have helped the company surge ahead in this competitive business environment with ease. She’s an inspiration for all of us here at Anmol Constructions.

Chinthamani Ranjeeth Kumar

Business Head and Co Founder
As the Business Head of Anmol Constructions, Mr. Ranjeeth manages several critical divisions of the organisation that include project planning, marketing, sales, field execution and procurement. His high level of understanding of consumer needs and desires helps the company stay true to its purpose of delivering value to the lives of customers. He is admired by his peers, subordinates and customers for his brilliance and ethics. His vibrant charisma and energy are the driving force behind the company’s incredible success in such a short span.

Sangareddypeta Hari Prasad

Head Of Land Management & Project Execution
Responsible for all the land pooling and project executions here at Anmol Constructions, Mr. Hari Prasad is a resourceful leader whose sharp business acumen has been instrumental in the creation of unique opportunities for the organisation. His incredible foresight and expertise in the scouting and acquisition of prime residential spaces is a key factor in our steady rise in the real estate industry.
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